The On Zen trademark was created and registered in order to meet the specific and technical needs that are scarcely addressed by the Portuguese market.

Moutinho Ribeiro da Silva Lda’s registered office is in Argoncilhe, Santa Maria da Feira.
Our team is young and dynamic and our motto is:“Comfort for all, anywhere”

Our mission is to improve workplaces and provide comfort, elegance and safety to all professionals.

In order to meet special needs, we have a team that specializes in orthopedic shoes. Measures are taken by using top-end technology and molds are made from 3D prints.
Shoes are handmade so there is nothing preventing customers from having an active, comfortable lifestyle.

Our semi-orthopedic and diabetic footwear lines are ideal for everyone and for every occasion.

We have already gained the trust of thousands of customers and we want to keep innovating.