Prevention is essential and starts with choosing the best indoor and outdoor footwear. Our slippers are lined with 80 % cotton, therefore, helping the skin to breathe naturally.

Our slippers are much more than warm footwear. They are everyday slippers with great technical features for old men and women (H2 and H4 slippers) and people with foot problems like swollen or deformed feet (H3 and H4 slippers). H1 and H2 slippers are ideal for those who want to prevent fungal infections or foot deformations.

These are occupational footwear with the following technical specifications: antimicrobial, removable insole (H3 and H4 slippers) that allows the incorporation of an anatomic insole. Ideal for diabetic foot, the front of the (H3 and H4) slippers is seamless and their cotton interior improves dryness.

Our slippers are certified and right for all those who are concerned about their feet health. They include models for people with a diabetic foot or reduced mobility.

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